Add Beauty to Your Portraits with Digital Makeup...

Beauty Brushes Bundle
My Beauty Brushes Collection favored and developed for photographers. This collection includes the key brushes to enhance portraits and fashion editorials alike.



 ✔  Quickly applying lashes, eyeliner, brows or freckles into a photo, creating a seamless masterpiece.

✔  Saving time in shoot preparations when these feminine qualities can be quickly added in post.

✔  Having the tools to transform or enhance your portrait images at your fingertips.

"I created this bundle so that amateurs and professionals alike would have the tools needed to effectively edit with my brushes to enhance their work and speed up the process. You can take a subject from looking flat to standing out in a few clicks. The amount of time you can save is in the hundreds of hours. Get ready to have some fun! "
- Amanda Diaz

Enhance Your Portrait Subject in Just a Few Clicks...

Before & After Sample Images:

What You'll Get


My Beauty Brushes Collection contains 32 brushes, making it possible to enhance your photos to a professional level. You can bring such a dramatic flair when you need it!


Brushes Included:

Eyelash Brushes


$57 (Included)

My complete pack of Eyelash Brushes. Use them to enhance your subjects lashes quickly and easily.

Eyeliner Brushes


$57 (Included)

3 Eyeliner Brushes to enhance your subjects makeup and give them that wow factor, increase drama and beautify!

Eyebrow Brushes


$57 (Included)

Photoshop Eyebrow Brushes that help create clean and perfect eyebrows! Get ready to fill and shape without the wait!

Freckle Brushes


$57 (Included)

My fun set of Freckle Brushes that you can use to create gorgeous realistic freckles, to dabble as you please!

Catchlight Brushes


$57 (Included)

My complete pack of Catchlight Brushes. Use them to enhance your subjects eyes quickly and easily.

Beauty Brushes Preview

Don't Know How to Use Custom Brushes?

No Worries,

My Tutorial on How to Use these is Included!








Beauty Brushes Bundle

 With 32 Beauty Brushes, this bundle will visually capture your inner creativity. Designed by Amanda in conjunction with her experience with makeup artists, spending hundreds of hours editing and correcting the small details, you will love the versatility of this collection.  Subtlety, dramatically or softly bring in a professional, powerful application to enhance your photos; prepare your photos for clients, a fashion spread or editorial and save hours of time with your editing when something was missed during a shoot.