My Complete Photography Training Bundle

12 Courses
Beginner to Intermediate
My treasured collection and complete course training line up for all photographers. 




Creative Effects Master Bundle

28 Tool Packs
Applicable for All Levels

This is my entire collection of photography tools I use in my process to complete my images. It is full of creative tools to add atmosphere and effects to images already shot. Creative Effects Master Bundle includes 28 tool packs including (10) Photoshop Action packs, (8) Overlay packs, (6) Texture packs and (4) Photoshop Brush Packs. Unlock your creativity with this bundle of creative tools to transform your work into a masterpiece.



Overlays Bundle

388 Overlays
Applicable for All Levels | Includes 8 Overlays Packs
My treasured Overlays Collection contains over 388 overlays favored and developed for photographers. The effects are powerful, evocative, soft and emotive and will save you many, many hours with a click of a button.



Textures Bundle

70 Textures
Applicable for All Levels
Includes: 6 Textures Packs

My Texture Bundle Collection adds depth, character and substance with qualities of aged and vintage to magical and ethereal.



Beauty Brushes Bundle

32 Beauty Brushes
Applicable for All Levels

Includes: 4 Beauty Brush Packs
With 32 Beauty Brushes, this bundle will visually capture your inner creativity. Designed by Amanda in conjunction with her experience with makeup artists, spending hundreds of hours editing and correcting the small details, you will love the versatility of this collection.  Stubley, dramatically or softly bring in a professional, powerful application to enhance your photos; prepare your photos for clients, a fashion spread or editorial and save hours of time with your editing when something was missed during a shoot.  



Photoshop Action Bundle

10 Photoshop Action Packs
Applicable for All Levels
Tutorials Included
10 Photoshop Action Packs Included
With 103 Actions, this versatile bundle will visually capture your inner creativity. Designed and developed during years of editing, you will see the different effects without having to start from scratch. Apply the action and then add your own personalization to get the perfect fit. The best part? They are super easy to use and edit, bringing your favorite images to the next level!



Easy to follow and step-by-step follow along courses are provided. Each topic is broken down in an easy to understand and comprehend manner with visual illustration and examples.

Video Lessons

These courses are comprised by visual presentation and video follow along instructions to make each step simple to follow along and understand. Available streaming or downloadable.

Risk Free Guarantee

If you go through the training and do not absolutely love it, it's risk free. Simply ask for a refund within 30 days and we'll give your money back!