Learn the Basics so You Can Look Past Your Camera...

Introduction to Camera Fundamentals

Learn the basics to understanding your camera while shooting in manual mode.



Envision Yourself...


✔  Having total control over your camera to get the ideal shots you need quickly.

✔  Understanding how to shoot in almost any lighting and get proper exposure every time.

✔  Being more confident in your own shooting abilities with your clients.


“In creating beautiful portraits I’ve always felt it’s important to keep the technical aspects very, very simple. There are really only a handful of settings that you need to learn and master. I’m happy to show you these in this course to start your path to taking beautiful portraits.”

What Will You Learn in this Course?

In this course, I will show you the fundamentals of mastering the general settings of your camera, increasing your ability to shoot in manual mode. Develop a workflow to quickly and easily control your camera settings, build your confidence with a step by step, on location, real life scenario tutorial that addresses your questions that are commonplace in the world of photographic artistry. 


Do You Want To Get Off Auto Mode?

Get comfortable with your settings and understand what each one controls so you will not waste time in the moment fumbling with your camera and start enjoying the process of capturing images that are cinematic!

Introduction to Camera Fundamentals

Many people are intimidated by the “manual mode”. With so many buttons and settings, learn the basics to understanding your camera settings to use on your adventures.










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Introduction and Aperture

Fundamentals of aperture settings.

Shutter Speed

Understanding the importance of shutter speed.

ISO Eliminating Noise

What is ISO and how can we implement that in combination with our other manual settings.

Creating Perfect Exposure

Combining our settings for the ideal shots.

Shooting in Bright Sunlight

How to adjust your settings if working in bright sunlight.

Composition & Framing

How to frame your subjects for better composition.

Using Your Environment to Your Advantage

Quick tips on how to utilize your surroundings during a shoot.

White Balance

Playing with white balance and why it can sometimes be helpful.

Understanding Different Focal Lengths - Final Lesson

The importance of understanding the different focal lengths.

Introduction to Camera Fundamentals

Learn the basics to understanding your camera while shooting in manual mode.