Learn how to easily create beautifully styled conceptual portraits.

Envision Yourself...


 ✔ Starting with an idea, create stunning conceptual photographs for your clients and learn to communicate with surreal portraiture.

✔ Adding gorgeous details to your images with little to no budget.

✔ Effectively creating conceptual portraits using an easy to follow process.

“I created this course to share with fellow photographers to see how fun and easy it can be, planning and shooting their own conceptual styled portraits. I wanted to share how I create these images with little to no budget and how I put it all together in photoshop with the finishing touches.”

Amanda Diaz

What You Will Learn in this Course

In this course, I will take you step by step on how I plan out multiple concepts with a subject. We will create 3 totally different looks, but the concepts will still be tie together and create its own “story”.

Then go into photoshop where you can follow along with me editing images from start to finish, creating a defining before and after.


Conceptual Portraits Masterclass

Learn to manipulate your image with a touch of surrealism. Somewhere between reality and creativity, you will learn to balance these to achieve hints of an idea to give clues about your story.



Master the Technique

Start with a concept and be able to run with it in so many directions. Speak your own language with dramatized reality. Conceptual Portraiture is one of the most creative outlets, it can be as real or imaginative as your story wants to be told.





4h 2m




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Introduction & Overview of Conceptual Photography

What is a Conceptual Portrait? First steps in planning.

Preparing the Conceptual Shoot, Make-Up, Hair, Costume, Accessories

Planning stages, makeup, hair & wardrobe.

Setting up the Conceptual Photoshoot

Conceptual Portrait broken down and start of our first look.

Greek Goddess on Bed

Greek Goddess Concept Shoot- Look II.

Greek Goddess, Adding Elements, Other Background

Greek Goddess look continued adding in elements and changing our background.

Greek Goddess, Third Background

Greek Goddess, 3rd background and making adjustments.

Egyptian Goddess Outside Standing

Change to Our 2nd Look for the Egyptian Goddess Look in outside lighting.

Egyptian Goddess Sitting on the Stool Adding Prism

“Egyptian Goddess” Continued and adding prisms for an ethereal effect.

Egyptian Goddess Outside - Adding Fabric Movement

“Egyptian Goddess” Concept adding moving fabric for an ethereal element.

Persian Goddess Look, In Studio with Beauty Dish

We move back inside and get into our 3rd and final look as a “Persian Goddess”  shooting with a beauty dish for a different lighting scenario.

Tips on Posing the Whole Body

Adding in some pointers when shooting portraits that include the entire body.

Persian Goddess Standing with Beauty Dish and Bounce Umbrella

Persian Goddess Continued adding fill light with our key lighting to reduce shadows.

Behind the Scenes Planning the Shoot

A peek into the initial planning steps Misty and myself planned out in advance for our shoot.

Post Processing Starting the First Selected Image

Post Processing with our Greek Goddess Look. Initial cleanup and first steps.

Frequency Separation Skin Retouching

Skin Cleanup & Adjustments In Photoshop.

Dodging and Burning Creating a 3D Effect to the Face & Body

Dodging & Burning with Curves Layers and what to look for.

Adding Lashes, Adjusting Color Tones and Adding Overlay

Using a Lash Brush and making adjustments. Plus, Color Toning and Adding Texture.

Follow Along Tutorial - Skin Retouching Steps

Studio Session, Post Processing first steps and cleaning up the skin.

Background Adjustments & Color Toning

Overall Color Toning to Warm Up the Image.

Dodging and Burning and Texture Overlay

Dodge & Burn Technique to add dimension to hair, skin and overall image & adding texture.

Example Edit, Only Photoshop tools and no Plugins - Beginning to end - Part 1

Part 1
Post Processing of our Outside Egyptian Look Start to Finish. Using only photoshop and no additional tools or overlays.

Example Edit, Only Photoshop tools and no Plugins - Beginning to end - Part 2

Part 1
Start to Finish Edit & Final Touches.

Conceptual Portraits Masterclass

With each decision you make, consciously know what you are creating to subtly point out the intended story of your subject. Using the language of abstraction, you can create a masterpiece.







Conceptual Portraits Masterclass

Speak your own language with dramatized reality. Conceptual Portraiture is one of the most creative outlets, it can be as real or imaginative as your story wants to be told.