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What's an Overlay? Good Question!

An overlay is a tool that makes it quick and easy to add elements to the entire photo or just part of it. It's as easy as drag and drop! If you do not know how to use an overlay, no worries at all. I have included a tutorial showing you step-by-step how to use these in your images. I hope you enjoy it!

Designed for Photographers to
Add Stunning Effects to Your Portraiture!

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46 Heavenly & Ethereal Overlays Included:  Examples

Examples of Overlays in Use:



Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included 

Accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use these in your workflow, incorporate them into your images and transform your work with creative vision.

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✔  Instantly create an other-worldly look to your images.

✔  Feel inspired by adding delicate touches to pictures to make them beautiful, moody and unique.

✔  Create the perfect post processing compliment to your images by enhancing  shades, hues and tints.


“The ultimate Photoshop overlays collection for making  great images become extraordinary.”


Amanda Diaz

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These picturesque overlays add aesthetically pleasing effects to incorporate into your imagery to create an element of unique lightness for the ultimate finishing touch.