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✔  Understanding the idea and purpose behind a fashion shoot.

✔  Planning, creating and shooting a full fashion editorial for either submission or for your personal clients like a Pro.

✔  Creating beautiful images for your own portfolio and know what to look for when shooting your own projects with low or no budget.

“I created this course to help photographers who are interested in learning  more about Fashion Photography without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged from creating their own editorials for personal or professional use.”

Amanda Diaz

What Will You Learn in this Course?

   In this course, I will show you my process from start to finish on how to plan and create a Fashion Story Editorial.
This course is to help you to understand how the entire process works from deciding on your theme, finding inspiration, simple planning with mood boards to keep your  ideas organized and then the shoot itself.
   Next you can see how choose and narrow the images, then taking them into photoshop to work on the post processing.
I talk about how to keep your editing consistent even if the lighting changes as we are shooting outside with unpredictable lighting.
   Then, join me on a full edit from start to finish with an included practice file to follow along as I edit the entire set to create a fashion story by cleaning up the images, changing colour tones and more.

Learn to Plan, Prep, Shoot & Edit

If you are looking to take your passion to the next level with Fashion Photography, this step by step course takes you through the entire process. Learn the skills to bring your shoot from a concept to your final layout.

Fashion Photography Masterclass

Learn the elements of Fashion Photography in this beginners to experienced course that will walk you through the complete process of a successful shoot and take you through the final editing process.






4h 15m




Adobe Photoshop


Introduction to Fashion Photography

Learn about the basics when starting out in Fashion Photography. Covering purpose, establishing yourself, building your portfolio and creating yourself as a fashion photographer.

Planning a Fashion Shoot

The basics of planning are inspiration and mood: Learn how to get your plan in place before you invest your time with proper planning.

Preparation Overview

How I plan for makeup, hair, styling and lighting: Have you ever gotten to your location and nothing goes according to plan? How to prepare yourself and your team so everything is seamless.

The 1st Look on Location

Prepping for our first look  and discussing the plan for the day to adapt to the situation, budget, location and talent tips.

Shooting the 1st Look in Trees

Playing with light and shadows with our first outfit, focusing on clothing and keeping your vibe consistent all while using your model to enhance that look.

Shooting the 2nd Look - Ethereal

Overview of our 2nd look using sheers to get a different yet consistent look. How to use full sun on the face, enhancing the glow and using positioning tips with background.

Preparing the 3rd Look - Makeup Tips

Staging your shots around your makeup changes, saving time in between shots and quick tips.

Shooting the 3rd Look - Backlight and Leaves

Using backlight to help you keep focus on the fashion sense, taking advantage of the side views and looking at movement to capture the fluttering details of a dress, plus using leaves to introduce a softer feel to bring it together.

Shooting the 4th Look in the Shade

Now we move into a different lighting scenario and utilize the shade with our 4th look.

Shooting the 5th Look With Crown - Possible Cover Photo

Here we use direct sunlight to create beauty dish styled lighting with our 5th outfit change.  I love the ability to quickly change a look and get back into the shoot while focusing on a cohesive look as you move through the lineup. 

Makeup Change and Shooting the 6th Look

It’s now time to change the look, building on your makeup as the shoot progresses and using a versatile wardrobe to get options. Use of props to keep your fashion sense high.

Preparing and Shooting the 7th Look - 40s Inspired

Using the last look to your advantage while still keeping the same style, yet different to produce a new look. Reminder to consider options for covers as you go through your shoot, using landscape and portrait.

Creating a Mood Board in Pinterest

I will show you how easy it is to begin creating your own mood boards using Pinterest and collaborate with a team.

Creating a Mood Board in Photoshop

Watch as I create a simple mood board in photoshop using the included template. Photoshop PSD overview covering how to use and how to create.  I love this because you can make notes and say what you like about each image and create a color pallet.

Behind the Scenes Planning Step with Model

Here I show the beginning planning steps with my makeup artist to decide on looks and styling ideas resulting in your shoot becoming effortless and seamless with proper expectations.

Behind the Scenes Planning Step with Makeup Artist

Here I show the beginning planning steps with my makeup artist to decide on looks and styling ideas.

Post Processing - Making the Selection in Lightroom

Sorting your images and final shot selection. Using post processing to narrow down your final choices when there are so many to pick from.

Overall Adjustments in Lightroom

I walk you through the adjustments I make, the process I use and how to narrow down details that enhance the focus, the fashion, the clothing and the close ups that show us the fashion within.

Cleaning up Hair, Skin and Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

Moving from Lightroom into Photoshop and how to use post processing to enhance your images and features across multiple images to keep your consistency. Learning what details you need to address and what can slide.

Review of Edited Photos

Before and after final review and selection that include the fashion story, showing you what to bring forward to highlight that "fashion look" that makes your work remarkable.

Follow Along Edit - Skin, Hair and Clothing Touch ups

I will walk you through a full edit from start to finish. Reference on looking at your final images so they stand the test of professionalism, with no misses that adversely affect your final image. Cleaning up the skin, hair and clothing with clone stamp and healing brush tools.

Follow Along Edit - Cropping and Color Adjustments

A walk through, follow along edit for cropping and color adjustment. I will walk you through some tips that will get your images to the best possible final presentation.

Follow Along Edit - Dodging

Photoshop lesson continued - Dodge tool to create depth on the subject. Using curves and grey layers, how to use masks and adjustments to get closer to your final image.

Follow Along Edit - Burning and Final steps

Photoshop lesson continued - A nifty follow along that will direct you to specific points, including contouring, highlights, contrast and keeping the organic lighting to keep it real.

Fashion Photography Masterclass

Learn how to plan, shoot and edit a complete fashion editorial from start to finish.