Style Your Portraits with Creative Posing Learn the art of bringing out emotion, mood and softness from your subjects with body language that will contribute to stunning images.

What will you learn in this course? Let me show you.


The Art of Creating Beauty & Emotion Filled Images

The power of an image that has the ability to change the way you feel or capture your interest, is solely the power of the photographer, this is one of the biggest draws to photography. Learn to become a storyteller.



✔  Creating a simple workflow with a variety of posing techniques that bring fourth unparalleled connection.

✔  Creating stunning portraits that tell a story through portraiture & use of feminine posing.

✔  Taking your portraiture to a new level, creating outstanding images that are meaningful and connect with your viewer without getting technical or using hard to grasp concepts.


"The difference between femininity and masculinity is apparent.  However it's in the subtle difference in posture, posing, hand and arm placement and the emotional string that connects between real life and still life that makes the difference between a good portrait and a great one.

Once I learned what these were - they became second nature to me. That is what I am teaching in this course. I created this course to help other photographers to be able to easily break down the formula for soft and feminine posing to create beautiful and timeless portraits again and again."


Amanda Diaz

What Will You Get Out of this Course?

Learn the qualities and attributes regarded as the characteristics that appear naturally feminine and are associated with a gentle image that can pull your portraits from being mediocre to outstanding. 

Easily and effortlessly pose your subjects into soft, feminine and natural looking poses with easy to follow techniques.

In this course I will show you how to pay closer attention to body language and individual body parts rather than a collection of poses and you will learn these in simple and easy step-by-step lessons so you can use these learned abilities as second nature for your portraiture.




1h 43m




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Course Curriculum Details

Feminine Portraiture Introduction

You will learn how to use posing techniques and body language to capture the art of feminine grace for every shot. Discover how to make your photographs iconic and inspiring.

Directing the Shoot

This lesson will help you to tune into how much you really matter to getting the shot. You will learn to easily get the subject to move to your tune and your style.

Feminine Versus Masculine

Learn to recognize body language in your shots, recognize emotion and see how to easily observe these traits so you can capture the emotional, non-verbal body language that is already present by honing your skill in positioning.

Feminine Energy Vs Masculine Energy

I show you the difference between the sexual and sensual, pulling the emotion from the image and using expression, emotion and environment to pull these into your final image.

Creating Mood & Emotion Through Posing

Learn how to create mood and emotion in your portraits, using environment, coloring combination, body language, connection to the viewer, and finally facial expression and how these tie into and impact your final shots.

The "C Pose"

Directing your subject in the C-Pose, using this to make your subject relaxed and soft. Learn to position and capture this in the artistic, old world manner.

Using Triangles

Here you will learn to use hidden triangles in your posing to produce feminine emotion from the perspective of the viewer with very little adjustments.

The S-Curve and Triangles Demonstration

I will show you how to use the S-Curve to create a visual space to catch the eye, creating a feminine touch to soften your image and draw the viewers eyes to your subject while creating the pose that looks natural.

The Hair, Neck and Shoulders

There are a few reasons why using the hair, neck and shoulders to frame helps with those finishing touches. I’ll show you how to direct your subject to position the neck and shoulders so visually your overall look is more becoming.

Posing Hands and Arms

Here we come to paying attention to the small details. You will learn to use the view of the hands or positioning of the arms to make your subject proportionate and attractive.

The Lips and Eyes

I will show you tips to train your subject to change their eye expression and use the eyes and lips to make a strong connection to the lens and evoke emotion from the viewer.

Brining it all together - Part 1

We covered a lot so I'll do a quick recap on how to use the elements we have addressed throughout the lessons to bring everything together as a whole.

Brining it all together - Part 2

Wrapping up: Final techniques and importance of bringing out the emotion, mood and feminine grace in your photography, I will cover the relevance of each part and bring it all together so you can get started with your new skills! I look forward to seeing your work!

Feminine Portraiture Masterclass

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