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Secrets to Using Natural Light Masterclass

w i t h  A m a n d a   D i a z

Create stunning portraits using only natural light. Learn a variety of my favorite natural lighting set ups, how to locate and harness natural light to improve your photography.

How to take professional and stunning photos without expensive gear, lighting equipment and using ONLY natural light.


Secrets to Using Natural Light Masterclass


60 Minutes

✔  Discover My Secrets to Creating Professional Portraits Without Using Expensive Lighting Equipment.

 Learn That You Do Not Need Professional Models to Create Amazing Portraits.

 Learn that You Do Not Need Fancy Locations to Create Amazing Portraiture and How to Find Locations Right Around You - and How to Find Them.

The Secrets to Mastering Natural Light Photography

I'll show you my secrets on how to master natural light photography and make your images look stunning using just natural light.

Why it's Not Your Fault if You Struggle with Natural Light

I will show you how many myths we have heard and advice we receive is misleading and potentially getting in the way of amazing results!

What Lighting Methods to Use When Using Natural Light & Tips

I will show you my preferred natural light set ups along with tips on how to see light and capture the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Learn to capture 
natural light
like a pro!

Attendee Bonus Gifts

Portrait Photographer's Deluxe Toolbox

Toolbox | 15 Tools | Download

I created this mini collection for those who want to try out a variety of tools to see what they like best.

Even though I have included specific brushes, overlays, actions and so on, my creations are not limited to just using them as is.

This started collection lets you try out an arrangement of photoshop tools that offers many ways of being creative in just a few simple clicks!


Portraiture Posing Guide

45 Poses | 57 Pages | PDF Format

Develop one of the most integral and fundamental skills available to quickly and dramatically improve your composition with my Portraiture Posing Guide. Learn the skill of posing , know what to look for to enhance your photos without the need to use props or outlandish ideas. Develop your own second-nature intuition for composition. 

Introduction to
Photoshop Compositing

9 Lessons | 1 Hr 37 Min | Stream or Download

Learn the art of creating beautiful composites from start to finish beginning with the 
initial shoot and then putting it all together in Photoshop. In this course, I will show you how easy it is to create beautiful and creative, yet simple photo composites from start to finish. The course will include all the needed files to follow a long so you can understand my process when creating these ethereal styled images from the initial shoot to Photoshop.