Envision Yourself... 

✔  Getting consistent results by knowing your light source, without overthinking it.
✔  Taking a well-lit photo in direct or diffused sunlight.
✔  Learning to use unpredictable conditions to your benefit so the world is your studio.
“I created this course so you can get started creating beautiful portraits immediately by easily understanding more about utilizing natural light. About 80% of the photography that I do is using natural and available light so I’m going to show you in the real world how I use these techniques.”

Amanda Diaz

What Will You Learn in this Course?

Learn to use the sun as a light source. The available light from the sun varies with the time of day, cloud coverage and weather conditions. Learn to use contrast from direct sunlight, shade or backlighting recognizing where the direct sun may provide overly harsh light on your subject's face, but can be manipulated by positioning, tools and angles for different forms of illumination.

Using Natural Light in Everyday Creatives

You have to pay close attention to light sources. Don’t jump to the classic indoctrination that the only time to shoot is “Golden Hour”. The variety of different contrast scenarios from natural light is one of the most valuable tools if you know how to use it.

Natural Lighting Masterclass

Learn how natural light is one of the most important and powerful tools available to a photographer while also being our worst enemy if you cannot manipulate it or recognize your source and where shadows land.




1h 37m




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Introduction to Natural Lighting Photography

Natural light and how to use it to  your advantage.

The Advantages of Natural Light Making Any Location Work

Grasping the different options natural light can offer and how it can be beneficial.

Working With Changing Light Environments

Unpredictable lighting conditions and learning how to adjust.

Mood & Feel

The moodiness connection when using natural lighting.

The Directions of Light - Window Light

Shooting with window light.

Hard Sunlight

Shooting In hard sunlight to make it work for you.

Using a Reflector

Utilizing a reflector as an additional light source.


Shooting with light coming from the back of the subject.

Recognizing Good Lighting Cloudy & Sunny

Recognizing and utilizing light to your advantage in mixed light.

Recognizing Good Light - Shade

Recognizing and utilizing light to your advantage in shaded areas.

Shooting in Overcast Weather

Finding the best light on cloudy days.

Creating Shadows

Creating shadows while shooting in natural light.

Using a Prism

Using a prism for additional detail.

Final Lesson

The final words on Natural Light.









Natural Lighting Masterclass

Learn how to use natural lighting to your advantage during outside shoot sessions.