Introduction to Painterly Portraits

Learn how to create beautiful, painterly styled portraits for your clients & portfolios.

Envision Yourself...


✔  Being more confident in creating your own artistic styled images.

✔  Easily planning, shooting and editing your own original painterly portraits.

✔  Creating a collection of artistic work to use as a selling point for future clients.

“I created this course  to teach and share how easy it can be to create beautiful, painterly portraits for your clients and portfolio. When I show how easy it is step by step, I think it will give other photographers a push to reach for being more creative .”


What Will You Learn in this Course?

This course shows you step-by-step how to create painterly styled portraits. From the initial shoot, to what kind of lighting to use, I will walk you through the complete process and then take you into Photoshop as I work on images to achieve a contemporary yet old world character that brings a special artistic element to each photograph.


Art Comes In Many Forms

If you have an intense love of art, learn to use it with these classic styled techniques to create those unique, timeless portraits.

Introduction to Painterly Portraits

Learn how to illustrate your images with painterly techniques in this course that is for beginners and professionals alike. Influence your work with the art of the old masters while keeping your own personal style intact.






4h 39m




Adobe Photoshop


Introduction to Painterly Portraits

Introduction and a run down of the 3 different concepts included in this course.

Setting up for the Light Painterly Look

The first steps, getting ready for our kimono styled shoot with makeup, hair & clothing, taking those first shots.

Light Painterly Photoshoot

Test shots and figuring out the best lighting scenario, posing and camera settings as we go through the first session.

Setting up the Dark Painterly Look

Prepping our 2nd look with our model. We now will move into a more dramatic, darker look as we will be moving intro harsher, studio lighting.

Dark Painterly Look Photoshoot

Shoot using studio lighting with a simpler background and a more dramatic look on our model.

Angel Wings Shoot Preparation and Setup

Planning out our look and wardrobe to go with our beautiful angel wings.

Angel Wings Photoshoot

Shooting outside with gorgeous, naturally diffused lighting.

Post Processing with the Light Painterly Look, Cleaning up the Skin

Initial clean up of the overall image and skin using a blank layer.

Making Hair Adjustments

Continue with image clean up. Working on hair details.

Retouching the Eyes and Adding Lashes

Eye cleanup and brightening, plus adding lashes.

Highlights & Shadows, Adding Dimension by Dodging and Burning

Dodge and burn method.

Modifying Background & Adding Elements

Editing the background elements and color toning.

Adding Snow Overlay and Other Filters

Final touches. Adding snow and texture.

The Dark Painterly Portrait with Studio Lighting

Studio lighting edit introduction and initial image cleanup.

Retouch the Eyes

Retouching of the eyes and sharpening some details.

Create 3D effect on Skin with Highlights and Shadows, Add texture and Create Painterly Effect

Dodge and burn using curves layers.

Add Lashes and Background

Adding lashes and getting creative with the background.

Angel Wings Painterly Portrait - Color Toning

Adjusting colors using masks.

Color Toning and Skin Retouching

Skin cleanup with frequency separation.

Creating the Painterly Look, Canvas Effect, Applying Highlight and Shadows

Adding depth and finishing color adjustments.

Final Actions with the Clouds Brush, Finishing off the Image

Adding clouds and textures as our final touches.

Introduction to Painterly Portraits

Make your work stand out using easy to learn, tried and true workflow and editing techniques. Using lighting, posing, background and Photoshop, you will have the skills to express the life of your subject.











Introduction to Painterly Portraits

Learn how to create beautiful, painterly styled portraits for your clients & portfolios.