Learn the Art of Creating Beautiful Composites!

Photography Composition Masterclass

Learn the art of creating beautiful composites with in depth techniques and instructions from start to finish. We will start with the initial shoot and go into using positioning and arrangement in Photoshop.



Envision Yourself...


✔  Creating gorgeous composites that are eye catching to your viewers.

✔  Offering artistic composite images to clients at premium pricing as an additional service.

✔  Having a strong collection of artistic work to show future clients how you can create unique imagery.


“I created this course so that any photographer, even starting out, could get immediate results in Photoshop creating composites. I show you how to shoot, and take your images into Photoshop using very simple techniques to create a composite that looks beautiful. I hope this helps you start your journey to create your artistic ideas.”


Amanda Diaz

What Will You Learn in this Course?

In this course, I will show you how easy it is to create beautiful, yet simple photo composites from start to finish. 

Sharing how I plan and create multiple looks and concepts with the same model all in one day. I also talk about camera settings, using a tripod or not, unpredictable lighting and examples of how to work with or without a team.

The course will also include all the necessary files to follow along with me in Photoshop, step by step as we put it all together making a couple fun composites, plus a bonus “watch me” edit video.


Get a Glimpse Into Artistic Compositing

Follow along with me as I take you through the adventure of the complete process from planning to the final composite using a simple method that anyone can learn.

Photography Composition Masterclass

In this course the composting process is broken down with the exploration of image selection process, compositing tips and techniques that are fun and easy, all while learning the basic skills to be able to understand the workflow.






4h 58m




Adobe Photoshop

Course Curriculum Details

Introduction to Compositing

Photoshop Compositing Explained.

The Dress and Vision

The first steps: Discussing the initial steps of our shoot.

Planning the Urban Ballerina Composite

Explanation of how I set up everything for the shots and dealing with pros & cons.

On Location Urban Ballerina Composite

The shoot: Demo of how I create the multiple shots to use for our composite.

Urban Ballerina Outside Jumping

Moving to a different location to continue our shoot with a different shot concept in mind.

Urban Ballerina Rooftop Posing

Demo shoot outside to capture movement.

Raining Rose Petals on Location

On set at our location shoot raining rose petals.

Red Dress Thrown In The Air

Last set up with our red dress - Throwing material.

Ballerina in an Open Field

Last look idea of the day. Added in for fun and beautiful sunset lighting.

Post Processing Rose Petals Beginning

Lightroom culling and initial cleanup in Photoshop, using the clone stamp and tips on using repetitive pattern techniques.

Preparing the Image, How to do Liquify Adjustments

Liquify tool and masking - Making minor adjustments before our composite.

Photo Compositing and Adding Elements Part 1

Adding in additional rose petals.

Photo Compositing and Adding Elements Part 2

Adding rose petals continued.

Add and Modify Elements so They do Not Look Repetitive

Copying and pasting, plus adjusting existing added petals to fill the scene.

Perfecting the Image, Clean up Skin and Hair

Overall cleanup of the image: Skin, hair and petals.

Final Touches, Color Toning, Adding More Elements

Adding final ethereal touches, adding texture and adjusting color tone.

Bonus, Watch me Edit Composite, Finding the Base Image & Preparation of Elements

Watch me edit creating a composite start to finish - Red Dress Part 1

Workflow to Image Compositing

Watch me edit creating a composite start to finish - Red Dress Part 2

Textures and Gradient Map

Watch me edit creating a composite start to finish - Red Dress Part 3

Final Touches, Textures and Curves Adjustment

Watch me edit creating a composite start to finish - Red Dress Curves Layers & Final Touches Part 4

Follow Along Tutorial - Ballerina with Butterfly Book Image Compositing, Setting up the Workflow

Expanding the canvas, initial clean up and beginning of our composite.

Adding & Blending Layers

Adding & Blending our base layers as well as expanding our canvas.

Adding & Blending the Ballerina Feet Layer

Adding ballerina feet and adjusting the frame and liquify tool.

Adding Butterfly Elements

Adding butterflies and creating a depth effect.

Final Touches, Adding Flares, Final Lesson

Editing our butterfly “book” and finishing touches.

Photography Composition Masterclass

Putting images together to create a unique image can be rewarding. Learn the basic principles to help you get results that span the entire spectrum of creative photography.











Photography Composition Masterclass

Learn the art of creating beautiful composites from start to finish beginning with the initial shoot and using  positioning and arrangement in Photoshop.