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✔  Creating a simple workflow with simple techniques that work every time with results. 
✔  Expertly directing your subject with proven methods without being repetitive.
✔  Understanding body language well enough that your final images are noteworthy.
“Posing your subjects for portraits should look as natural as possible. It’s taken me many years to get to where I want to be when it comes to posing my clients and I have learned to come up with a formula that I am happy with. I’m excited to share this with you in this course.”

Amanda Diaz

What Will You Learn in this Course?

Learn how to effectively and easily direct your subject using simple posing techniques that can be easily remembered during a shoot.
Posing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. When you can direct your subjects with confidence by knowing what to look for and what to avoid, your entire shoot will become effortless, less stressful on you as the photographer and in turn will bring outstanding results to your final photographs.

Learn a Systematic Approach to Posing, Creating Stunning Portraiture!

Get behind the lens with Amanda Diaz and learn the secrets to good composition through posing! Save time by knowing what to look for and how to direct during your shoot to capture incredible images by focusing on well-positioned form, body language and hand placement.

Photography Posing Masterclass

You will learn to effortlessly direct posing quickly and effectively using simple techniques that you can use with any subject. Being able to properly direct poses during a shoot is what will help add that last eye catching detail to your shots.  




1h 12m




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Introduction to Posing

A general overview of why posing will enhance your subject, getting a routine in to train your eye to notice each body part and overall look.

Important Tips for Posing

I will tell you the key tips I use to get your subject looking the way you want them to appear in the lens.  Before and during your shoot. Communication, directing, body language and effective eye contact.

Posing With a Stool

Sitting posing: Tips I

Using lighting, curves and direction to bring out the best full body using a stool.

Posing With a Chair

Sitting posing: Tips II

Using different scenarios to elongate the body, using comfort poses on a chair to attain a casual, yet elegant look.

Sitting Poses

Sitting posing in general: Tips III

Learn the art of the sitting pose. Using the triangle to enhance the image, staying away from being too symmetrical for an optimum shot. Plus tips on camera angles to get the best look.

Standing Poses

The standing pose is difficult to get your subject to look natural. Learn to position your subject to get a comfortable and soft look so the image you capture is what you see. Positioning the limbs is super important during standing shots.

Additional Sitting Poses and Adjustments

Using your environment, camera angles and limb positioning to get an idea of easy to use positioning anywhere. One of the keys here is to give attention to how to direct your subject, then using the frame to get what you want.

Posing Against a Wall

Almost any wall can work. Learn the technique to use walls as a backdrop while presenting your subject in the most favorable way.

Hand Posing

Avoiding awkward hands. Hands are so important to capture attractively. Sometimes you can do such minor direction with your subject that literally makes the shot.

Final Message

Final thoughts, end review and note to you! Thank you for watching!

Learn How to Up Your Game

Learn the skill of posing in this step-by-step course to enhance your photos without the need to use props or outlandish ideas. Develop your own second-nature intuition for composition.