Create Soft, Romantic, Vintage Inspired Images

Romantic Vintage Photography Masterclass

Join me on one of my creative sessions to see how I create soft, romantic, vintage inspired images outside in natural lighting.

Envision Yourself... 

✔  Confident in your ideas when shooting a creative.

✔  Learning new ways to add gorgeous yet simple elements to your images on a low budget.

✔  Creating a vintage inspired shoot with minimal props, assistance or wardrobe, using any location.


“I created this course to share the process when I shoot for my own personal projects. I love how easy it can be to just be creative and have fun when shooting a concept and not to overthink it. By experimenting and trying different things, you can get some really lovely shots.”


Amanda Diaz

What Will You Learn in this Course?

In this course, I will take you on my step by step process to share how I plan and shoot for one of my creative sessions. I talk about wardrobe selections and why. I also will share the different budget friendly ways I add in some beautiful elements for my shots and how I utilize natural lighting as we shoot all images outside.


Learn To Create Lovely, Soft Vintage Inspired Results

Join me on my adventure! Vintage photography is all about the feel, texture and lighting, it creates mood that may be romantic, dramatic or nostalgic. And it's so much fun!

Romantic Vintage Photography Masterclass

Although modernization continues to develop photography into the digital age, people still opt for the vintage look that has the touch of something timeless, aged or old. Find out how to use my step by step process to create something special.






2h 15m




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Introduction to Romantic Vintage - The Dress

Learn how to create soft and beautiful vintage inspired photographs, using location, wardrobe and technique.

An Overview of Techniques - The Plan

What can we use to bring out the vintage theme? We discuss what to use to complement the theme, via clothing, hair, props and composition.

Starting the Romantic Vintage Inspired Shoot

You will learn how to start the shoot, using light and tying everything together, focusing on softness and an ethereal feel. Think MOOD.

Shooting with Movement and Through Fabric

How you produce movement within your images, this is important to getting that perfect shot. I will show you how to use fabric to enhance your image to get an organic feel.

Shooting in Hard Sunlight

Challenge of shooting in hard sunlight and how to use it to your advantage. At times you get these glaring photos which is not what you are seeing. Take advantage of that bright light and position yourself to capture those "hard to get" lighting scenarios.

Sitting Down Pose With Reflector Then Prism

You will learn techniques to create the romantic, glowing pose, using a reflector and prism to get the old feminine renaissance feel.

Shooting in Direct Sunlight With Subject Laying Down

Getting your shot with a subject laying down can be tricky. Let me show you how to get the angles, posing and light to play to your advantage.

Through the Lace Creating Patterns

Shooting through lace and creating shadows. This creates a really neat glowing/dreamy effect that is versatile for a vintage look, taking your subject from ordinary to extraordinary.

Shooting with Backlight and Leaves

Using backlight can be a happenstance, or you can use it to your advantage. Mother nature can enhance your image with its glow and things that are in your environment.

Facing The Dropping Sun

Using the sun as it sets, knowing you are about to lose your light makes your timing important. Learn to take advantage of the diffused light and the softness it can bring naturally into your frame. This can bring some dramatic detail into your final image.

Shooting in an Open Field and Summary

Our last shots of the day to get in the last few moments of our beautiful light and an overview of all that we accomplished during this creative session.

Post Processing - Retouching the Images, Skin & Hair

Using retouching to clean up the skin and hair. I will walk you through how to blend, sample and stretch from your image to get the best outcome.

Frequency Separation and Editing Eye

Using frequency separation to blend and cover, shadow correction and tips for correcting a blurred eye for clarity.

Dodge & Burn, Color Adjustments and Overlays

Learning to use curves layers for dodging and burning, gradient maps. Use the tools to accentuate highlights and lowlights, enhance depth of field and to warm up your image. Using overlays to get that final vintage feel.

Basic Edit of Image

A quick overview of a basic edit to get your choice image to stand out. Use toning to get the coloring right when you have lighting variance or color differences.

Final Overlays

The final touches, using layers to speed up your work while keeping the original feel of your images consistent and harmonious.

Romantic Vintage Photography Masterclass

With the advances made in photography, we still love the old time, vintage looking pictures. There is just something about them that stands out and has a little extra flair. Learn how to build texture and lighting in this creative adventure!



Hear What Photographers Have to Say...


"I have been involved in photography for several years now and recently stumbled across this course, honestly with some reservations as I have been down this road before. I have searched YouTube, several paid courses, invested further into fancy gear always seeking a better look for my photography. I wish I had found Amanda's course sooner. The difference of my work between before the course and after is night and day. I though I needed better lenses or expensive models to get the results I am getting now.  I have invested in something that has really paid off!"

Frank B

"I have been following Amanda for some time now on Instagram as I found her work as inspiration for my portrait sessions. I did not realize how simple adjustments in posing can make all the difference in a photo. I never thought I could create portraits like I am getting now and have the techniques to create my own inspiration."

Kelley M

"Being somewhat newer to photography, I did not know if this course was for me and I doubted if I had what it takes to get results like that. After taking the course I am getting a lot of attention from my work, both on social media and paid work. This started out as just a hobby and now things are moving fast for me and it's getting very exciting. Thanks for the simple approach, a nicely laid out course and the care to make this available!"

Jasmine U









Romantic Vintage Photography Masterclass

Join me on one of my creative sessions to see how I create soft, romantic, vintage inspired images outside in natural lighting