Romantic & Pretty Textures


Bring a light, romantic and ethereal tone to your images with these 18 Photoshop Textures.

Designed for Photographers to
Add Stunning Effects to Your Portraiture!

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What Will You Get?

Enhance your photographs with this selection of Photoshop Textures designed to add pleasant and evocative elements to your photos.

These Textures will transform and frame your subjects so that they take on a spectrum of new appearances. You can imagine your pictures dappled by the light through the trees, filtered through shifting clouds of many colours, or materializing in the mists of a spring morning.

There are 18 Textures to play with, each with varying degrees of color, hue or grain. Try them all and see which will be best for your unique image.



18 Romantic & Pretty Textures Included:

Examples of Textures in Use:

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included 

Accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use these in your workflow, incorporate them into your images and transform your work with creative vision.

Envision Yourself... 

✔  Instantly add a new lighting depth and bokeh magic to your images.

✔  Create the perfect post processing compliment to your low aperture images.

✔  Feel inspired to add a new elements to your work that will create visual impact.

“Use these 18 Photoshop Textures to swim deeper into a world of romance and intrigue with your images; filled with atmosphere, these textures will give your images a sense of history and magic. Easy to use, and highly effective when applied, these are an invaluable addition to your toolbox!”

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Romantic & Pretty Textures and Transform Your Artwork!

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Using textures add aesthetically pleasing effects that incorporate into your imagery to create an element of unique visual surface quality for the ultimate finishing touch.