With 15 Snow & Blizzard Overlays, it's the perfect add on to your editing tool kit, giving your images that little extra detail creating a whole new atmosphere.


See how I use the overlays in my work!

Super Easy to Use - Drag & Drop Fairy Dust Overlays on to Your Photographs.  Allows Endless Options to Create with Your Photography!

15 Assorted Snow & Blizzard Overlays Allows Endless Options to Create with Your Photography! 

Designed for Photographers to
Add Snow & Blizzard Effects to Your Portraiture!

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What You'll Get

My complete assortment of 15 Snow & Blizzard Overlays. Fun and very easy to use, a photograph can be transformed in just minutes. Add creativity and drama to your images and portraits, transforming your work with an artistic touch to create your own winter, ethereal or fairy tale atmosphere and bring your vision to life. Includes a step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use these in your workflow to create eye catching detail.



15 Snow & Blizzard Overlays Included:

Examples of Overlays in Use:

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included 

Accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use these in your workflow, incorporate them into your images and transform your work with creative vision.

Envision Yourself...


✔  Instantly adding extra dimension in your winter portraits.

✔ Feeling inspired to combine these overlays with other editing tools.

✔  Creating different looks easily with a click of a button.

“These Winter Overlays are a great add-on to a photographer's tool kit, especially when you want to add or adjust  a little more beauty or depth to a flat wintery image. These accomplish a dramatic or soft texture into your image with minimal effort.” - Amanda Diaz

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Snow & Blizzard Overlays

These Snow & Blizzard overlays are fun, easy and quick to use. You can add just one for a subtle add on effect or combine with others for a more dramatic setting in your images. These are lovely for portraits, landscapes, weddings and more!