Photoshop Actions


My complete pack of Sunglasses Actions. Use them to enhance your images and give them that wow factor.


Designed for Photographers to
Add Stunning Effects to Your Portraiture!

Before & Afters

What You'll Get

7 Sunglasses Actions for a variety of  applications and my step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install and use these in your workflow to start transforming your work with your creative vision.



Examples of Actions in Use:

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included 

Accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use these in your workflow, incorporate them into your images and transform your work with creative vision.

Envision Yourself...


✔  Instantly adding gorgeous yet subtle toning over your images.

✔  Creating a different mood to your images with the Sunglasses Actions.

✔  Being able to have consistency of toning across a collection set of images.


” I created the Sunglasses Collection to emulate the look and feel of when someone would put on a pair of sunglasses with multiple color tones to choose from!”


Amanda Diaz

Get Started Playing With Creativity!

Using Sunglasses Actions offers a multitude of effects that incorporate into your imagery to create an element of unique visual interaction that adds intrigue, inspiration or style to meet specific needs.