Textures Bundle


My Texture Bundle Collection adds depth, character and substance with qualities of aged and vintage to magical and ethereal.


✔  Quickly applying multiple effects into a photo, creating a seamless masterpiece.

✔  Adding drama and interest into a photo with a click of your button.

✔  Having the tools to transform or enhance boring images at your fingertips.





Photographers of All Levels



"After a career in photography, I have learned the right and wrong ways of doing things through a lot of trial and error. I have taken the key points of what I have learned over my career and the creative methods I use and condensed this into what I wish I would have had access to when I first first started in photography and I have laid these out in a simple to learn format for you to follow along. "

- Amanda Diaz


Become a Master of Your Craft and Start Making Images That Tell a Story

Before & After Sample Images:

What You'll Get 

My Textures Bundle Collection contains 70 textures for your creative process! Get ready to give that dramatic or magical illusion to your story!


Tools Included:

Dark Textures


$47 (Included)

Dramatic and dark, you can add new layers of experience to your images with these 9 unique Photoshop Dark Textures.  

Winter Textures


$47 (Included)

9 Winter Textures that you can use to bring cooler toning to create and enhance your images with these 9 Photoshop textures.

Romantic & Pretty Textures


$47 (Included)

Bring a light, romantic and ethereal tone to your images with these 18 Photoshop Textures.

Floral Textures


$47 (Included)

A lovely, vintage Floral Paper Texture Collection. Romantic and feminine, these add that old time vintage floral effect to your images quickly and easily.

Ethereal Textures


$47 (Included)

Use these 9 Photoshop Ethereal Textures to swim deeper into a world of romance and intrigue with your images.

Fairy Tale Textures


$47 (Included)

Magic can add new layers of experience to your images with these 9 unique Photoshop Fairytale Textures.  


Each topic is broken down in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner with visual illustration and examples.


Video Lessons

These courses are comprised by visual presentation and video follow along instructions to make each step simple to follow along and understand. Available streaming or downloadable

Risk Free - Guarantee

If you go through the training and do not absolutely love it, it's risk free. Simply ask for a refund within 30 days and we'll give your money back.








Textures Bundle


This versatile complete bundle will visually capture your inner creativity. The effects are powerful, evocative, soft and emotive and will save you many, many hours with a click of a button: get prepared to have some fun mixing and matching, using these to create or transform a blasé or dull photograph into a work of art.