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Learn to take professional quality portraits without expensive lighting equipment, without professional models or fancy locations! 

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Learn to take professional quality portraits without expensive lighting equipment, without professional models or fancy locations! 

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Creative Training for Creative Photographers.

Find the Photography Course that is Right for You.

12 Courses
Beginner to Advanced

My treasured collection and complete training lineup for all photographers. 12 courses in total covering everything from the basics of posing to the creative aspects of portraiture and the post processing steps I use to wrap it all up. Learn to achieve your best storytelling imagery.


Bring Your Vision to Life

Creative Tools for Creative Photographers.

Tools? Yes! And so Many to Choose From...

28 Tool Packs

Applicable for All Levels

This is my entire collection of photography tools I use in my process to complete my images. It is full of creative tools to add atmosphere and effects to images already shot. My Toolkit includes 28 tool packs including (10) Photoshop Action Packs, (8) Overlay Packs, (6) Texture Packs and (4) Photoshop Brush Packs. Unlock your creativity with this bundle of creative tools to transform your work into a masterpiece.


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Step-By-Step Video Lessons

Easy to follow and step-by-step follow along courses are provided. Each topic is broken down in an easy to understand, comprehensive manner with visual illustration and examples.

Invest in Your Craft, Invest in Yourself. 


With learning with these step-by-step video tutorials at just 10 minutes a day, you can be creating portraits anyone could be proud of in just a few weeks.

100% Risk Free

If you go through the training and do not love it, there's no worry - it's risk free. Simply ask for a refund within 30 days and we'll give your money back!

Meet Amanda Diaz


Hello! I am Amanda Diaz! I am a photographer and passionate educator in the field of photography and portraiture. Having accomplished a mastery in the field in portraiture in both beauty photography and fashion, I have dedicated my career to training other photographers on how to achieve their own mastery of the craft by honing the learning process and learning creative techniques. I teach both online and lectures at photography events throughout Northern America. For me art is about passion and effect. I enjoy creating romantic and dreamy imagery that inspires feminine beauty and softness with a dramatic flare. Bringing emotion into the eye of the viewer is something that inspires me to rely not solely on technical ability, but my own creativity. I want to share my methodology with anyone who wants to improve their craft and see better results.